I am a natural-light, portrait photographer based in Central Virginia, but also work from Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding areas. I love any reason to travel and wouldn’t hesitate to book a wedding outside my home state.  

I have a passion for my God, my family, celebrating love, music, photography, and for capturing the smallest details and significant moments that are woven together on this remarkable journey called life. I want to be a part of your story…to capture your love, your passion, as well as your memories, and to give you something worth cherishing for years to come. 

The relationships I develop with my clients are not intended to last just the duration of your portrait session or wedding day. My greatest joy would be to build and develop a relationship that lasts a lifetime - and that your photos would be the greatest testament to that. 



Life is Art. Everything is an art form. Everything I do, touch, and say when interwoven with the God-breathed life into each human soul becomes an art form: from the music I create, the photos I capture, the conversations I start, and the relationships I develop. When careful deliberation is given to the process for each one of these things, the end result will energize and invite, which is ultimately my goal as I work to create something both you and I will love. 

I desire that my passion, enthusiasm, and genuine love for others be the driving influence behind what I do and characterize the person behind the lens. Enjoying life at its fullest comes down to noticing the smallest details around you and celebrating them. I wish to enjoy and celebrate every moment I have the privilege of spending with you. From capturing a significant milestones, a new love, a newborn child, or your whole family interacting together, my main priority is to capture the most genuine and authentic version of both you and your loved ones.

My greatest driving factor is YOU. Without being able to capture and document the love and story of my clients, my work becomes futile. Thanks for believing in me, giving me a chance, and for daring to enter my world, if even for a short while.



Travel – Road trips of which I can’t get enough, any reasons to catch a flight somewhere, sitting right-seat with my pilot husband.

Coffee Shops – Friends and conversations found within, Cappuccinos and Lattes, the more foam the better, and the live music that often provides the perfect accompaniment to these things. 

My Husband – Who serves me tirelessly and adores me despite my many quirks. He makes every-day living an adventure.

Music – The soul behind my heart and what I can’t imagine life without. Quiet solitude for practice times, Latin music for living room dances and work-outs, string chamber music concerts, Sunday morning times of worship and improv, and collaborating with other artists while contributing to their original work. 

The Great Outdoors – Which reflects God’s exquisite handiwork and beauty; I can never seem to get enough of it. It provides the perfect backdrop for athletic pursuits, any adventure sports, and a good trail run through all sorts of weather. Physical fitness when combined with His beautiful creation and fresh air will always be a win-win in my book.


Photography by  Lauren Stonestreet

Photography by Lauren Stonestreet